Despite its age, the long-running City of Heroes MMORPG had a devoted fan following when it was shuttered last year. These days there are lots of super hero gaming alternatives including the free-to-play Champions Online, DC Universe Online and Marvel Heroes, but a new Kickstarter by Missing Worlds Media aims to create a proper "spiritual successor" to the closed City of Heroes, featuring Unreal Engine-powered gameplay and similar features, "respectful of the play style, lessons, and fun of the old game."

The game isn't an official sequel or followup to City of Heroes and Missing Worlds Media makes that distinction clear. They're also careful to note that they plan to take advantage of the tech advancements that've taken place in the gaming world since City of Heroes debuted in April of 2004 and will make advancements along the way.

There's a lot of backing levels for the Kickstarter, but $50 secures interested parties a full download of the game, a month of VIP subscription, and advanced account activation, plus perks like exclusive items and costumes. Higher backing levels give backers a chance to help design portions of the game and attend conventions with the team. Rewards are estimated to arrive in November of 2015, though, which means backers will have to wait more than a year to explore Titan City.

So far the City of Titans campaign has raised more than $185,000 on its way to its $300,000 goal. With 30 days left to secure funds, former City of Heroes fans have some time to mull their desire for an unofficial followup over.