Whether they've reluctantly allied themselves to dispose of a common enemy or teamed for the pure fun of things, villains seem to group just as often (if not, moreso than) their heroic foes. In Your Favorite Martian AKA Ray William Johnson's new video for the pop jam "Club Villain," bad guys and gals from across pop culture and comics are definitely getting together to do the latter. Check out the animated debauchery as everyone from Doctor Doom to Venom down cocktails, hook up and bust moves after the jump.The climax of the jam may confound comic book continuity purists a bit, as it reveals the cartoon band's front man is apparently immune to the powers of a certain villainess in a way that even Superman isn't, but a little suspension of disbelief never hurt anyone up in the club, right?

If you dig the tune beneath the video's animated antics, you can download it via iTunes.

See the "Club Villain" video below:

[Via Boing Boing]