Artist ColourOnly85 has chosen an apt moniker for his superhero illustrations. He largely eschews lines and facial features, preferring to use blocks of brilliant colors to evoke the designs of DC's heroes and villains. Sometimes he places these characters in classic poses that we'd recognize anywhere, but other times, he employs his colors and sharp geometries for more dramatic portraits.

In honor of Man of Steel, ColourOnly85 is on an impossible mission to draw every DC character by June 14th (although one Ninja Turtle has managed to slip in there as well). While it's highly unlikely that he'll tackle every hero, rogue and side character by the drop-dead date, it's fun to watch his progress. He has a few particularly lovely portraits, and manages to create the impression that many of his characters are half-hidden in the darkness, even when that darkness is bright green. You can track him on Tumblr and on deviantART.