For those of you who haven't been following it, Comic Twart --a portmanteau of "Twitter" and "art" that Jersey Gods co-creator Dan McDaid referred to as a word that "sounds appealingly filthy" -- is an art blog where sixteen contributors pick a different character every week to draw. It's a pretty simple concept that's been used on other sites before, but what sets Comic Twart apart from the others is that its list of contributors features some of the best artists working in comics today, including McDaid, "Zorro" artist Francesco Francavilla, "The Mighty" artist Chris Samnee, and "Mysterius the Unfathomable's" Tom Fowler.

With a roster like that, it's no surprise that what they're doing is good stuff, but they routinely post pieces of art that are just flat-out amazing, like Francavilla's interpretation of this week's subject, Archie:

So far, the "Twartists" have taken on eleven characters and posted over a hundred pieces, and while every single one on their site is worth seeing, I've got a few particular favorites:

Johnny Recon by Evan "Doc" Shaner

Black Beetle by Chris Samnee

Black Beetle by Dan McDaid

Clara De Noche by Tom Fowler

Dan Dare by Francesco Francavilla

GI Robot by Ramón Pérez

The Rocketeer by Tom Fowler

The Rocketeer by Chris Samnee

With a large talent pool to pull from, there's new stuff going up almost every day on the Comic Twart site, and it's well worth checking out.