Welcome to the latest episode of ComicsAlliance Presents “Kate or Die,” a series of exclusive comic strips created by one of our favorite cartoonists, Kate Leth! In this episode, Kate needs some rest and relaxation, so she's built a high-tech machine to help her --- and you --- decide what to do.


You can download a giant printable version of the cootie catcher/fortune teller/whirlybird/etc right here. If you were somehow never 12, you can read instructions on how to build a cootie catcher at WikiHow.


Kate Leth is the writer of Boom Studios’ Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time: Bitter Sweets, and the recently announced Power Up with Matt Cummings, as well as IDW’s Edward Scissorhands and Archaia’s Fraggle Rock. Kate got her start with the frequently autobiographical, always entertaining webcomic Kate Or Die. Published bi-weekly here at ComicsAlliance, Kate uses the strip to address topics germane to the comic book and broader nerd cultures.