The week may be over, but the week-in-review is just beginning. Meet me after the jump for our weekly recap of ComicsAlliance's weekly coverage.


-Archie Comics will publish a storyline in which the Occupy movement arrives in Riverdale... and Jill Thompson is doing a variant cover for it.

-The Phonogram team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie are reuniting for a new project, and they just announced the details.

-The Los Angeles Times has announced the nominees for their book prizes, including the graphic novels category.

-Brian Wood and Ming Doyle are teaming for a new Image Comics project entitled Mara.


-Chris Sims on the newest new Image comic based on a Liefeld-created Extreme Studios franchise, Tim Seeley and Franchesco Gaston's Bloodstrike

-Lauren Davis on Colleen Coover's (awesome) porn comic Small Favors and the definifely NSFW Doctor Voluptua

-Andrew Wheeler reviews three Western webcomics inspired by yaoi: Teahouse, Artifice and The Less Than Epic Adventures TJ and Amal


-Ross Campbell on...pretty much everything.

-Kathryn and Stuart Immonen discuss their work on Avenging Spider-Man #7 .


-Prophet #22

-Stuff About Sex


-Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance wasn't very good, according to Sims

-Writer/director/actor/Static fan Stefan Dezil has made a Static Shock fan film

-Manga series Bleach is apparently under consideration for active deelopment by Warner Bros

-Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow director Kerry Callen's demo reel for a John Carter of Mars adaptation that didn't come to pass


-This is what the new Space Battleship Yamato 2199 anime series is going to look like

-Here's a bit of one of the Plastic Man shorts that will be part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation proramming block, and here's a look at the designs for Super Best Friends Forever


-Hot Toys' Nick Fury figure, featuring Sam Jackson's version of the character from the upcoming Avengers film

-Hot Toys' 1/6 scale Batmobile from the original 1989 Batman film


-Young Justice: Legacy will adapt the TV series into a videogame next year

- Here are some new Avengers Alliance game images

-Arkham City Lockdown's latest update will involve Harley Quinn

-The Amazing Spider-Man game will include The Rhino


-This week's Best Cosplay Ever (This Week)

-CA fashion expert Bethany Fong and CA Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney expert Chris Sims team-up to discuss the fashion of Phoenix Wright

Things that really exist:

-Jack Kirby's 1970s flirtation with erotic comics

-An "adult" Power Rangers parody


-This week's (sexier than usual) Best Webcomics Ever (This Week)

-Fryo's Anti-Mario propoganda art

-Tobias Kwan paints familiar characters

-Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson's darling Capture Creatures

-Nathan Rosario's scary-ass Masters of the Universe redesigns

-This week's Best Art Ever (This Week)