As Pride Month draws to a close, ComicsAlliance is proud to share the results of a massive survey of comics and comics characters important to LGBT readers, as chosen by an expert panel of comics folks. You can read the list of 50 characters and comics here.

And you can read a list of many of the other things we covered in the past week by clicking on the little blue "Keep Reading" box below.


-George Pérez talks about the behind-the-scenes creative chaos he experienced while working on Superman, the title book of DC's flagship character during their recent relaunch/reboot/re-branding effort.

-BOOM! Studios, the publisher responsible for the comic book series based on the cartoon series Adventure Time, may be preparing to launch a comic book series on Bravest Warriors, a new cartoon series from the creator of Adventure Time.

-DC Comics is now embracing comics creators in an effort to sell their books...wait, did I say "creators"...? I mean makers.

-After a week of teases, Marvel has announced a new volume of Punisher War Journal.


-Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 05.

-B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Exorcism #1.

-Amazing Spider-Man #692.

-Captain America & Iron Man #634...following an interview with the creative team.

-New Crusaders #3.


-Andrew Wheeler on Avengers Vs. X-Men #6.

-John Parker on more of the first year of Spawn.

-David Brothers on Garth Ennis' work.

-Sims on his HeroesCon haul.

-Lauren Davis on Sin Titulo.

-Caleb Mozzocco (hey, that's me!) on NonNonBa.


-Time Wesoly has created a wholly different "Lego Batman" using his own Quibicle Constructor software.

-I didn't even know how badly I wanted to hear the words "Sailor Captain America" and "Sailor Thor" until I saw Ann Marcellino's beautiful Avengers/Sailor Moon mash-ups.

-Sims shares his Jack Kirby character-themed sketchbook, showing off drawings of Kirby characters by artists like Colleen Coover, Chuck BB, Steve Epting, Sanford Greene and many others.

-This month's Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Month).

-This week's Best Art Ever (This Week).


-If you need proof that literally every single Marvel character is being considered for possible film adaptation development, try this on for size: Deadline reports The Human Fly is being developed. Sweet. Now bring on Woodgod, Hollywood!

-Tea leaves are being read, and the tea leaf readers seem to agree that Marvel is definitely prepping a Guardians of the Galaxy movie...dashing my hopes that Black Widow would spin-off into a Champions movie and The Hulk into a Defenders franchise for the next big Marvel super-team tent-pole movie series.

-Edgar Wright has reportedly wrapped filming his Ant-Man movie...test reel.

Video games:

-Here's a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man.

-Here's a trailer for The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help.


-Hot Toys has a new version of their Dark Knight Joker figure.

-Medicom has created Batman and Joker figures based on their designs and renderings in the Jim Lee-drawn 2002 Batman story-arc "Hush."

-Like every other toy line of their era, Jem and The Holograms dolls are making a comeback.

-Hot Toys is doing one of their insanely detailed 1/6th scale action figures for The Amazing Spider-Man.

-Check out Mezco's summer exclusives.