Do you want the bad news or the good news first? Well, let's get the bad news out of the way first: Venerable Golden Age comics artist Sheldon Moldoff passed away at age 91 this week. Moldoff helped define the look of the original Batman and Robin comics, and co-created Bat-Mite, Poison Ivy, Clayface II (the popular one), drew the first cover to feature The Flash and also worked on Action Comics #1.

In other, less sad news, Faith Erin Hicks offered a fine example of adapting prose into comics, and we also covered all this other stuff...


-DC released an image of their new Captain Marvel strip, in which the hero will now be called Shazam.

-In its latest grab for the brass ring of mass media interest, Archie Comics is giving Cheryl Blossom breast cancer (Fingers crossed this doesn't lead to the citizens of Riverdale suffering like those of the Funky Winkerbean-iverse).

-DC released another piece of Ignore Watchme-Er, Before Watchmen art while announcing their newly redesigned and more interactive websites.

-Fans wondering what Brian Michael Bendis will be doing for Marvel if he's not going to be writing the Avengers franchise much longer can stop wondering: He's writing a mysterious new project called Spider-Men.

-Artist Amy Reeder is departing Batwoman, the title she was supposed to rotate story arcs with artist/co-writer J.H. Williams III, which is bad news for people who like good art. Reeder cited creative differences, the great divider of New 52 creative teams, but Batwoman readers can take some comfort in the fact that she'll be replaced by the excellent Trevor McCarthy.


-Chis Sims and David Uzumeri both tackle the first six issues of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League. (I'm on Team Chris.)



Video Games:

-There's a Mass Effect concept art book, and Sims says it's pretty incredible


-These "Battle Babies" from Stacey Rader/Geeky Vixen are awesome...and kinda terrifying. Maybe AAAAH!-some...?