This being convention season in the comics industry, there was of course another con last weekend, and it brought with it a bunch of announcements regarding various publishers' plans for the near future. While I'm not entirely sure this qualifies as the biggest news of the con, and while I'm even less sure it qualifies as the biggest news of the industry's past week's worth of news as covered by ComicsAlliance, I am sure it's the news I personally was most excited to hear about: James Stokoe of Orc Stain and Wonton Soup fame is getting his very own Godzilla comic book at IDW! For a recap of this week's comics news not pertaining to James Stokoe and/or the drawing of Godzilla comics, join me after the jump.


-The Emerald City Comicon was last weekend. It looked like this.

-Image Comics announced some projects at last weekend's ECCC

-Dark Horse announced a whole bunch of stuff at ECCC, including a print version of Jeff Parker and Erika Moen's Bucko

-Mark Waid on digital vs. print

-If you haven't been reading Marvel Comics since 1977 but still want to read Avengers Vs. X-Men, don't worry: David Uzumeri will take you to cram school

-The nominees for this year's Eisner Awards were announced on Thursday

-Eisner Awards Administrator Jackie Estrada explained why a few categories were dropped from the awards this year, and why there were a few new categories

-The Sesame Street comics that Ape Entertainment began promoting before they were even greenlit are apparently now greenlit


-Sims on Avengers Vs. X-men: Infinite #1

-Sims on Uncanny X-Men #191 and #192

-The Avengers started fighting the X-Men in Avengers Vs. X-Men #1, and Andrew Wheeler started keeping score


-Prophet #24 and #26

-The Lovely, Horrible Stuff

-Fanboys Vs. Zombies #1

-Supreme #63

-Darth Vader and Son

-The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century #3

-The Art of Portal 2


-Just in case you were wondering how the special effects in 1992's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 were achieved, it was all (well, not all, but some of it) done with robots

-Sure to be hanging on the ceilings above Avengers fans' beds all over the country this summer: The Agent Coulson poster

-Here are a few sneak peeks at The Amazing Spider-Man movie, courtesy of...Kellogg's?

-Here's what Andrew Garfield had to say about The Amazing Spider-Man recently

-Here's a Black Widow-centric clip from The Avengers

-Disney announced the date for the Captain America: The First Avenger sequel, but still no word on a villain yet (Batroc, Batroc, Batroc, oh please let it be Batroc)


-Did you know there was almost an animated series based on 1988's live action feature film Willow? Well, there was.

-Here are some previews of DC Nation shorts Super Best Friends Forever and Animal Man

Hunger Games Comparative Studies:

-Sims explains how The Hunger Games is the Young Adult fantasy version of Achewood's "The Great Outdoor Fight" story arc (Jeez, why didn't they market the movie as "Twilight meets The Great Outdoor Fight...? I woulda been waiting in line on opening night like the rest of America...)

-Davis recommends comics for fans of The Hunger Games, choosing comics based on particular aspects of the popular prose series-turned even more popular blockbuster film (What? No Battle Royale manga?!)


-Jordan Gibson draws Batman with a guitar. And some other stuff too, but: Batman with a guitar!

-Longtime Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Artist Jim Lawson did some sketches inspired by the news that the next TMNT film will feature TANT, in which the "A" is for Alien

-Jacob McAlister's awesome art is awesome

-This week's Best Art Ever (This Week)


-Images from the development process of a canceled videogame that would have tied into that Justice League movie that was canceled give us an idea of what the movie might have been like. If it weren't canceled.

-Does the PS3 trophies list for Batman: Arkham City suggest the possibility of a lot more Robin...?

-Speaking of Batman: Arkham City, an update to Lockdown will prominently feature B:AC's big, butch Robin and Poison Ivy