His days as host of NBC's "The Tonight Show" may be drawing to a rapid, $45 million close, but Conan O'Brien's legacy as a comic book fan shows no signs of slowing down.

Granted, Conan didn't make this hilarious CGI superhero showdown where he turns into the Incredible Hulk, while Jay Leno turns into some kind of Superman analogy, and then Captain NBC/America jumps in for an all-out, drag-down superhero host brawl -- a Taiwanese news network did, but Conan liked it enough to rerun it on the show for his own viewers.

And as pointed out by Pop Candy's Whitney Matheson, an image in the style of cartoonist Chris Ware popped up during the show that had fans wondering if the artist had transitioned to TV work.

It turns out that although the image wasn't created by Ware himself, it is a deliberate homage to the cartoonists' signature shapely style.

Nicely done Conan and staff. Don't be gone long, okay?