While many convention-goers are content to dress as their favorite established characters, the women of Convention Vixens (ConVixens for short), have established their own costumed identities to take on the fanboy circuit.

As featured by Asylum, The troupe has taken costumed role-playing to the next level by monetizing cosplay, featuring attractive women dressed in skimpy outfits that cull from sci-fi, fantasy and comic book archetypes, like the belly-dancing sorceress Lyric, geisha assassin Kaida or the super powered psychic Erotic Hypnotic.

The group, which attributes some of their success to the art of conversation and playful flirting, are willing to take photos with fans on the con floor free of charge -- before they draw them over to their tables where they sell art prints and other items.

The women of the group insist that they aren't "booth babes," and that their dressing up for cash comes from a "love of fandom." But since their scantily-clad characters no basis in comics (or any other medium) it's hard to say what they're fans of, exactly.