Corey Smith's chunky-muscled doodles will throw you for a loop when you see the range between his lovely leaping Kratos to his two-piece-suited Sue Storm. He draws with cool, understated lines and colors like Dustin Nguyen, but his Wolverine and Deadpool look a little more like sketchbook pages you'd expect to see from Humberto Ramos.The New Zealander's portfolio on his deviantART account contains a mixed crew of other characters including a very Josh Middleton-esque Invisible Woman and one of the best-envisioned views of Thor's backside we've had the pleasure of spotting.

And yes, you aren't imagining things; his gallery also contains an action-packed fight between Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson that would be a great premise for a prime-time TV crossover. That and a few other flying attacks from more traditional leapers like Daredevil and Spider-Man can be seen in our highlight reel down below.

[Via Geek-Art]