Image Comics is bringing Corey Lewis' 'Seedless' Webcomic to print later this summer with a 128-page, full-color trade paperback detailing one young woman's adventures with mighty grape warriors.

From Image's official press release:

In SEEDLESS, Harmony Treblecleff is the daughter of an eccentric inventor, but she thought she led a pretty normal life. Normal, that is, until the grapes she grabbed from the kitchen came to life! Suddenly, Harmony is being attacked by a rogue Grape Tyrant from a distant planet (aptly named Crazy) and his many tiny minions. Her only hope is the intervention of a new special breed of heroic grape warriors -- ones that are SEEDLESS!

While the PR describes the book as an all-ages adventure in the vein of "Batteries Not Included" meets "Mega Man," Lewis has Tweeted that his followup arc will begin online around the same time that the print edition hits and start grappling with some serious issues.

"Writing a bunch of notes for SEEDLESS ARC 2. I consider it a kid's comic, but It's going to start dealing with some serious issues - Like racism. Or as it's known in Seedless, "Grape-cism". (serious) - And the nature of souls. Such as, a grape with a seed vs a seedless grape. SUBTROVERSIAL"

While Lewis is know for his tongue-in-cheek humor, a little grape based social satire laced with NES era action seems like it could go over pretty well with his fans. Readers can find out for sure this August when "Seedless" hits shops in print and returns to active duty online. the meantime I'll be watching this: