It's not Comic-Con without cosplay, and as tradition demanded, this year's show attracted some of the most profoundly fun-to-look-at costumed fans from around the country.

An assemblage of cosplayers gained notoriety for counterprotesting Fred Phelps and the Westoro Baptist Church, but no less exuberance buzzed throughout the San Diego Convention Center's numerous halls and expansive show floor. While many costumes demonstrated sheer technical craftsmanship, others exemplified the kind of creativity that differentiates a genuine replica from an enthusiastic nod to pop culture's most iconic heroes and villains.

Costumes aside, ComicsAlliance was on hand to capture some additional thrilling moments from the show. Thanks to surprising cosplayers at every turn, our trigger fingers were at the ready to whip out a camera and snap the glory of the show in full. See some of our favorite cosplayer sightings and snapshot worthy events from the convention after the jump.

Low Production Value Iron Man and Stormtrooper



Grant Morrison meets a young boy dressed as Batman at the DC Comics booth

Tron cosplayer

Bryan Lee O'Malley receives his Eisner Award from the cast of "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"

Slave Leias

The streets signs in Klingon in the area near the convention center

Power Man and Hawkgirl

Zombie models pose for artists drawing live at the CBLDF/Seen party

Steampunk Wheelchair