In the classic horror anthology originally published by Jim Warren and edited by Archie Goodwin, Creepy's tales of terror were always introduced by the grotesque Uncle Creepy, a kind of ghoulish master of ceremonies who became a beloved character in his own right. One of the changes that came with Dark Horse Comics' revival of Creepy was the expansion of the so-called Creepy Family to include sisters, brothers, cousins, little children and ancient, decrepit grandparents. Their macabre antics have been depicted in one-page strips created by Creepy editor Dan Braun and the great Peter Bagge (Hate, Reset).

Dark Horse's Creepy Comics #11 will go on sale just in time for Valentine's Day, and you can expect some appropriately inappropriate love stories for the occasion. One of them is a new "Creepy Family" strip by Braun and Bagge in which Grandma Morgana and Grandpa Pierpont express their affection for one another in the style to which Creepy readers have become accustomed. It's really cute if you like horrible things, and you can read the whole strip right here at ComicsAlliance.

Creepy Comics #11 goes on sale February 13 in finer comics shops and digitally from Dark Horse Digital, where you can also catch up on issues #1-10. Dark Horse has also published hardcover volumes of the original Creepy anthology that you can learn more about right here.