The puzzler game "Critter Crunch," now for sale on PSN, introduces an interesting combination of aesthetics that I would break down as follows:

Sure, we've seen mud monsters vomiting frogs and toxic filth in Studio Ghibli flicks like "Spirited Away," but what if... they were blowing chunks of rainbows? "Critter Crunch" somehow manages to combine Miyazaki, Disney, and a much more visceral version of Yoshi in a puzzler that boasts the unique claim of triggering my gag reflex and my awww reflex at the same time. Usually when an adorable video game character shoots matter from its body, it comes in the form of energy beams, fireballs, or defensive projectiles, so the idea of a game based on adorable anime animals vomiting rainbows into each other's mouths has certainly got my attention.

Check it out:

Critter Crunch PSN Debut Trailer from Capy! on Vimeo.

(via Boing Boing)