Superman and Batman might want to call a meeting with Wonder Woman, because the female portion of DC's trinity of top tier superheroes has apparently made hers Marvel - or, at least, she's a fan of Tony Stark.

Deviant Art user and custom toymaker EV214 has customized his very own Stark Expo Dancer from "Iron Man 2" using a DC Universe Wonder Woman as the base. Thanks to a fresh coat of paint and some sculpted-on arc reactor decorations, the Amazonian warrior is ready to take her place alongside some of the other skankier superhero costumes we've seen in recent months.

If you're hoping for a Stark Expo Dancer of your own, EV214 mentions in the comments section of his post that he's open to commissions. While you're browsing through his handiwork, make sure to check out his excellent repaint of the Walmart exclusive War Machine action figure. It's a lot less...cheerleadery, but definitely worth a look.[Via Toy Cutter]