The Imperial Stormtroopers of the 501st Legion must have felt a little left out after seeing the various works of art being turned in for "The Vader Project." The foot soldiers of the Galactic Empire are getting the respect they deserve now, however, as a part of the "501st TK Project." Steampunk prosthetics, Cheshire Cat eyes, Na'vi hair extensions and a Boba Fett paint job all show up in the parade of augmentations that participants have chosen in a celebration of the iconic military mask from George Lucas' sci-fi saga.

Now, in addition to having casual streetwear options, Stormtroopers around the world can look outside the box for inspiration at the "501st TK Project" blog where members of the elite cosplay club have joined with celebrities like Seth Green, original Boba Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch and "Fanboys" director Kyle Newman to imagine new Stormtrooper looks and help out the Make a Wish Foundation.

The Titan Trooper helmet and Creature from the Black Lagoon modifications are particularly impressive, but the Ewok and Boba Fett mods should wow longtime fans of Lucas' films. Check out a gallery featuring a few of our favorite examples after the jump.

Tsuneo Sanda

Tommy Keiser

Matt Busch

Jeremy Bulloch

Brain Rood

Denise Vasquez

Joe Corroney

Kathy van Beuningen

Amy Provonost

Jamie Snell