As far as DIY comics-inspired craft voodoo goes, D. Campbell MacKinlay's recent Fantastic Four #51 tribute for Covered turned out to be a huggable-looking spool of brilliance. He refers to his fuzzy series of three-dimensional wonders as "feltems," and his experiments haven't stopped with Ben Grimm and Sue Storm. In fact, much of his work has evolved into fully-realized sculptures featuring familiar figures from around pop culture.MacKinlay photographs his accomplishments and posts them to his When 2 Feltem blog. In addition to the FF team, he's made a fun Mr. Miyagi piece and a couple of ectoplasmic entities from the Ghostbusters films.

The level of texture and shape that MacKinlay is able to achieve in these projects is incredible. From The Thing's skin to the sculpt of the Keymaster's face, you've got to wonder how he pulls it off. Stare, contemplate and let us know what you think of a few of our favorites out of his workshop below: