Eminem and Tyler the Creator make their art out of the English language and occasional psychotic impulses, but Dale Edwin Murray looks at rappers themselves to make his masterpieces. The London-based creator uses a blocky, symmetrical-ish approach to distilling the essences of performers such as MF Doom and The Notorious B.I.G. The results are nearly simple and stylish enough to appear in the original Starfox, and if you're a hip-hop lover, you should be able to appreciate this guy's series of famous faces.Murray blogs at DaleEdwinMurray.blogspot.com, where you'll find generations of talented wordsmiths and a few minimalist dissections of fast food menu items, among other things. He's also made some illustration samples available on DaleEdwinMurray.com.

Snoop's bubbly ponytails, Biggie's tilted crown and Kanye's broken heart all look immaculate in these headshots. Click onward to gaze upon Murray's mad skills in a few of our favorite picks from his portfolio down below.

[Via Hey Oscar Wilde!]