Yes, it was great to hear that Kevin Eastman is working on some new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stories. But the artist who appeared on that same creative lineup, Dan Duncan, deserves some attention as well. If you've checked out any of Duncan's work with Scott Lobdell on The Butler at Image Comics-or even Duncan's personal gallery on his deviantART account-you know that he not only has an eye for flowing, imaginative perspectives in his sequential art; he can draw the ever-loving ink out of O.M.A.C. ripping the innards out of Galactus as well.
Duncan's style often looks like Mike Mignola, if the Hellboy creator puffed up his bodies and worked on some softly colored '90s Sandman issues. Moreover, the levels of character emotion and design that Duncan invests in his work go a long way in making his look distinctive.

Tentacles, Gustav Klimt-inspired fantasy/sci-fi, attractive young ladies caressing ghouls-his portfolio's got it all. Click on down to see a few of the highlights, and hit up his gallery to see the rest.