Modern painters in comics like Alex Ross and Gabriele Dell'Otto can be fresh reminders of how old school techniques with brush strokes and color do motion and lighting just as well as fancy Photoshop tricks. Artist Daniel Clarke does Wolverine eviscerating shrapnel and Iron Man's head getting crunched by Captain America's shield with the best of them in his work, and if Marvel needs to stash some evergreen cover art into their files for the next time someone misses a deadline, they'd be well served to give Clarke's portfolio a glance.

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Thor, Namor and the Punisher also appear in Clarke's gallery of work on CGHUB, as do Spider-Man and The Hulk. He's got a very playful approach to to his two-character pieces, too. In fact, a few of them would make pretty compelling front pages for "Marvel Team-Up."

Judge for yourself below, but be warned - some hard punches get thrown, and if you don't like to see your favorite Marvel heroes getting hurt, the following images may disturb you.

[Via Geek-Art]