Jack Kirby's creations were rarely designed around principals of realistic proportion, and artist Daniel Spottswood took those liberties an extra step in his series of pint-sized tributes to the man behind the Uncanny X-Men and the Forever People. The results sport a boxy, bright-eyed cuteness that resembles a collision between the styles of Tom Scioli and Josh Cotter.
Spottswood posts his Krackle-infested works on his blog at Disquietville.com. Thor, Galactus, Black Bolt and The Black Racer all show up at the party there, and they would each look very appropriate in a Jack Kirby character coloring book for youngsters if anyone ever wanted to use Spottswood to put one together.

Have a look at his approach to some classic Avengers and X-Men covers after the jump. The heroes are toothy, they're muscly, and they ride around in some of the finest accomplishments in vehicle engineering to ever grace the pages of comicdom.