Ever wanted to try your hand at digitally coloring a page of legit comic book art without the pressure of deadlines, critical reception or editors? Dark Horse Comics may have just the game for you: The "BPRD King of Fear" #3 coloring book.

Featuring the uncolored, inked second page from "B.P.R.D. King of Fear" #3 by Mike Mignola and John Arcuid with art by Guy Davis, the game provides would-be colorists with a digital brush and a full spectrum of colors for wholesome coloring fun. You may not manage series colorist Dave Stewart's standards on the page, but I'm sure he wouldn't be bothered by some spirited competition.
While the game isn't quite as dense as Marvel's 2006 "Crayon Butchery Variant" issue of "Nextwave: Agents of Hate" #5, which featured a completely uncolored story that fans were encouraged to fill in as part of a contest, it's certainly not a bad way to kill 20 minutes at your desk. Trust me - this post would have been up 20 minutes ago if I hadn't fallen victim to its charms.

...You win this round Stewart!