For whatever unhealthy personal reason, today's press release from Dark Horse, USA Today and Toshiba announcing "DH: HD" conjured images of three witches tossing roots and newts into a boiling pot of magic while chanting in Shakespearean verse. It's three powers stirring up one spell, you know? Clearly I like the idea of rapping witches (or poorly-constructed metaphors involving them), because this is what I discerned about the corporate trio's new initiative:

-The DH:HD (Dark Horse: High-Def) program starts today at USA Today with a preview of Janet Evanovich's first graphic novel, "Troublemaker."

-USA Today and Toshiba are going to showcase Dark Horse content online, in print, and at Comic-Con and the New York Comic Con.

-In October (the spooky, Halloween witch month, if I may), Dark Horse will roll out a series of all-new stories created exclusively for the program.

-While Dark Horse will not be creating any content specifically for Toshiba's TVs, DH will be showcasing the HDTV's at its SDCC and NYCC booths by playing a special DH loop.

So yeah, Dark Horse is going to be out and about, sometimes in USA Today and sometimes on Toshiba screens, but always as a palindrome (DH:HD backwards is...DH:HD!). No caricatures of "Macbeth" witches are involved, but I wish they were.[Via USA Today]