Whether it involves stuffing superheroes into squares or burning them onto wood, watching an artist re-shape a character into a new form can be loads of fun, and Darren Alejos' prints do just that. He's found a kind of midget doll form that may like gnashing some white, occasionally blocky teeth but still makes Wolverine look like he's going "What up? Would you mess with a dude swinging claws like this at ya?"

Alejos' Batman, Batgirl, Thor and Spider-Man have appeared in his violinTide Etsy shop, where prints range from $10 to $18. If you applaud the kind of design work that's gone into Marvel's Sackboys for "LittleBigPlanet," you may want to check them out. His Spidey in particular plays off of its existing costume design elements to establish the shapes and lines that define his interpretation of Peter Parker.

Dr. Doom, Captain America and others are shown in his gallery. You can have a look in his store or form an opinion based on our highlights below.