Digital coloring can get really ugly really fast when painters don't know what they're doing. Thankfully though, artists like David Shearer know how to keep their figures looking fresh. Shearer swerves between glossier Peter Steigerwald-looking colors and much softer, more traditional Marvel Masterpiece-looking paints. You'll see a little of both of those traits his Lord of Darkness painting, which shows off some Curry-licious lighting work.Shearer stocks an online gallery on his Art of Oneness site. He seems to enjoy equal parts fantasy and superheroes, with goddesses and warlords in there, as well as a tribute poster for the 2012 Avengers film and an attempted group take-down of the Hulk. (Dig the head of hair on him.)

Proceed down below to see Shearer's Batman and a handful of other shiny pieces from his portfolio. It's just a shame that Virgin Comics' Shakti books aren't still around. He looks like he could have contributed a few appropriate covers.