The comic book corner of the Twitterverse is alive and well today following major shakeups at DC Comics Entertainment, the return of Steve Jobs and developing news on the Disney/Marvel acquisition. Fortunately for followers, the reactions from pros and commentators alike are just as entertaining as any of today's headlines.

Jasonaaron: A few weeks ago, I wrote for Marvel and DC Comics. Now I write for Disney and DC Entertainment. My head is spinning.

BeaucoupKevin: A definitive explanation of what the DC Comics restructuring means to you, the fan.

Philhester: Does it make me a geek if my important takeaway from the DC(E) news is that Paul Levitz is writing more Legion comics?

Robertliefeld: Glad to hear that Levitz got a golden parachute to go with his demotion.

Comixace: DC, Marvel, Apple...I'M AFRAID TO PEE!

Killkillkill: Unbelievable DC news, massive Marvel stuff later on @CBR, and Steve Jobs presentation at Apple. The internet is gonna break.

Zachoat: Maybe now someone will take a look at DC's upcoming movie slate and say "What the hell is going on here? Jonah Who? Lobowhy? Deadwha?"

Toplessrobot: So... did I miss anything while I was gone? Probably not, right?

Bclaymoore: So, wait...Paul McCartney is writing the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Graemem: Last week: MarvelDisney. This week: DC Entertainment. Next week: Every other comic book company in the world joins together to form Voltron.

Kielphegley: Craziest nine days in comics history much?

Hermanos: Tomorrow's news: every piece of paper in the world bursts into flame at once, all companies go digital, @comixology becomes new world power