The Escapist takes on the the line-wide relaunch at DC Comics, which releases its first major round of books today, in a video that discussing the half-reboot of DC Universe continuity (not actually less confusing) but also why they believe the biggest obstacle facing comics isn't continuity, but rather marketing:

Comic books in America do not have some big, doom-bringing, apocalyptic continuity problem. What they have is a marketing problem. I mean, think about it. People get into serialized storytelling in the middle all the time... Every day thousands of people tune into a TV show for the first time near the middle or even end of its overarching story. Do you think everyone who's into Doctor Who or Lost or Mad Men or whatever started watching it with the first episode? No! Every other continuity and/or mythology-driven narrative medium in popular fiction draws new readers and viewers just fine without constantly hitting the reset button... How do they do this? Because new readers and viewers and other potential fans hear about them and can easily find them... You don't need to reboot to get more people reading comic books. You need to tell them why they should consider reading comic books, and then put comic books where they can buy them.

Incidentally, if you want to buy any of the new #1 DC Comics out today (like Detective Comics, Action Comics, Batgirl, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and more) you can purchase them digitally right now at ComiXology.