In what must be one of the most unexpected publishing announcements we've ever seen, DC Comics will release in December a colossal 1,216-page, $150 hardcover volume collecting each of the 52 #1 issues that constitute the publisher's superhero relaunch.

DC's The New 52 collection will be BIGGER than Paul Levit'z 800-page 75 Years of DC Comics

At 1,216 pages, DC Comics: The New 52 is massive enough to kill a man, gravitate his spirit back to Earth and kill him a second time. The volume easily dwarfs the previous record-holder for DC, Paul Levitiz's prestigious 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking, which came in at just under 800 pages. However, that book retailed for the much higher price of $200 while DC Comics: The New 52 breaks down to about $2.88 per comic. Indeed, the cost of a new shelf to house the thing notwithstanding, DC's tremendous New 52 collection is actually a better value than buying each issue individually when they're released September (click here for the full list).

So, who's waiting for the trade?

[Via The Source]