The toy aisle's been a tough place for fans over the past year or so. Rising petroleum prices have lead to a plastic market dominated by smaller-scale action figures on the shelves, and higher costs on both the primary and secondary markets for lines aimed at collectors. Namely, Mattel's Four Horseman-sculpted DC Universe Classics line of 5-6" figures.

One of the most challenging aspects of the DCUC line has been the regular "build-a-character" element, with each toy offering a piece of a larger master toy, effectively demanding collectors buy an entire series to complete it. Fortunately Mattel has announced that it's making the upcoming DCUC Wave 11 available as a set on its collector-aimed, which sells new and exclusive toys directly to fans, ideally keeping secondary market hikers from taking advantage of the more casual buyers.

Wave 11 includes a lot of the DC Universe's more secondary (e.g. not Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman) characters like Deadman, The Question and multiple Green Lanterns John Stewart, with the GL Kilowog as the build-a-character. With such a collector-focused lineup, expect some mad cyber-elbowing from at least a few comic book bloggers once the wave's official release date is announced.