Some marquee heroes from Sony's MMORPG DC Universe Online will cross the confines of the digital realm into full-fledged action figure form this March, beginning with a four hero wave that includes Batman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Sure, they're still non-playable characters in DCUO, but at least now you can move them around on your desk.
Like all of the DCUO characters, this line of toys from DC Direct will feature likenesses as designed by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee. Additionally, each of the roughly 6.75" tall figures will come with display bases and character-appropriate accessories. Whips, golden lassos, batarangs and swappable limbs seem like likely candidates in that department, although it'd probably be funnier to give each of the figures a DCUO-loaded laptop or a PlayStation 3 and a flat screen to sit in front of for hours and hours on end.

See the full-sized image of the upcoming DC Universe Online figures arriving in stores from DC Direct on March 21 below:

[Via Toynewsi]