DC Universe Online launched its second major DLC pack, "Lightning Strikes," today. The first major addition to the title since it went free-to-play last month, the $9.99 (for Premium and Free players) "Lightning Strikes" downloadable content delivers a new Flash-centric adventure, a corresponding playable Central City map, new electricity powers, new gear and in-game appearances Black Lightning, Professor Zoom, Static, Livewire, The Top, The Trickster and others. The DLC pack also adds new bounties to the game, putting players in charge of capturing various heroes or villains depending on their costumed leanings. See new video from the DLC, including the official "Lightning Strikes" launch trailer, after the jump.

DC Universe Online "Lightning Strikes" Launch Trailer

DC Universe Online "Lightning Strikes" First Look

GameSpot "Lightning Strikes" Bounties Video

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