DC Comics and Sony Online Entertainment's long-awaited massively multiplayer online role-playing game has finally been given a proper release date. "DC Universe Online" is now officially set to hit the PC and Sony's PlayStation 3 in November, giving it a healthy lead-in to the holiday shopping season.

IGN was on hand to give a playable demo of DCUO a spin at a recent Sony event, and described the experience pretty favorably. One of the biggest pieces of praise was directed at Harley Quinn's secret liar, which was described as the best environment Sony's shown off yet for its atmospheric details.

In addition to gameplay, IGN inquired about the game's voice actors. Sony wasn't ready to announce anyone as of press time, but hinted that "familiar" names would be included. That's a pretty wide net to cast given the number of folks who've voiced DC characters in animation (and other video games) in recent years, so fans may want to keep their fingers crossed for high-profile names.
[Via IGN]