As discussed yesterday, I recently had an opportunity to fly down to the Sony Online Entertainment offices in Austin, Texas on behalf of ComicsAlliance, and playtest DC Universe Online, the DC Comics MMORPG due out this spring. The office tour was a major highlight of the trip, and if you have worked in many offices you will know how very rare it is for cubicle farms to offer anything but neatly partitioned despair.

Among the superhero art, action figures, puppets, and other brightly colored baubles strewn throughout the office, I came across something special: A five-page comic presumably written and drawn by a member of the DCUO staff titled "If the DC Universe Ran Like DCUO..." The first page imagines how Superman's origin might have played out differently, had Kal-El's rocket landed on Earth in the midst of the MMORPG. Answer: He would have been immediately beaten to death by random passersby shouting "NOOB!"