"If you could have any one superpower for a day, what would you choose?" Everyone's dealt with this question before, with frequent answers ranging from flight to invisibility. But if your answer is "super speed," then your lucky day is coming up - in the video game world, at least.

In a new video highlighting the gameplay mechanics of "DC Universe Online," creative director Jens Andersen introduces gamers to the MMORPG's super speed capabilities. The superpower, as Anderson explains it, is "based on the Flash. You can run really, really fast at blinding speeds - you basically just become kind of a blur. Super speed has a really neat momentum quality to it so you can run up the sides of buildings and go upside down so people have to fight you while you're on the ceiling."

Regarding combat, Andersen explains: "While you're in your movement mode, you get these special things you can do that let you be and feel like a speedster in combat as you're doing things that people who have flight or acrobatics can't do - it makes you a little bit unique."

Check out the video for footage of DCUO super speed in action.[Via: DCU Online]