That fans will not be able to play as Superman, Batman or any of the other DC Comics icons in "DC Universe Online" was a sad fact that was mitigated heavily by ComicsAlliance's hands-on tryout of the game's excellent character-creation engine. The massive level of control players have over their heroes and their powers looks to be augmented by an even deeper layer of characterization, one that's intrinsic to the nature of the DC Universe: secret identities for the characters you create.In the eighth installment of a Facebook-based question-and-answer series with Game Director, Chris Cao and Creative Director, Jens Andersen, the pair all but confirmed that "DC Universe Online" will give players not just an uncommonly complex palette with which to build their superheroes, but also the option to create secret identities for those characters. Cao said the secret identity concept was a "key pillar" of the DC Universe, and added, "If someone was spending millions and millions of dollars making a game about DC heroes and villains, do you think they might also make a secret identity thing part of the game?"

Check out the full conversation below, and don't forget to see ComicsAlliance's demo of the character creation features at New York Comic Con.