Just in time for next year's Valentine's Day, Sony Online Entertainment dropped this week a newsome limited-time-only holiday-themed editions to DC Universe Online, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the superheroes of DC Comics. Because Valentine's Day is all about love, players will be able to transform their meticulously designed avatars into fat little Cupid-like angels and use them to "redefine love in the DC Universe," which doesn't sound weird or ominous at all.Described by DCUO Game Director Chris Cao as "literally something for everybody," the VD symptoms additions enable players to take on an "aspect of love" and fight on the side of good or evil for "the literal hearts" of the citizens of Metropolis. It's all extremely symbolic yet somehow terribly literal as well.

For some reason, love goddess Aphrodite is a villain in this Valentine's Day scenario, and you must defeat her with your cherub bows and arrows because, yeah, f*ck love, right?