Where did the glut of Deadpool comics come from? Was it due to X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Couldn't be--no one liked Deadpool in that movie, right? He wasn't very funny, he didn't have much of a costume, and he wasn't really Deadpool. But, if you go back and look, the onslaught of Deadpool comics started right around when the movie came out. Marvel definitely grabbed the bull by the horns and gave us all the Deadpool we could eat, and then some. They even brought back Rob Liefeld to draw one of the several concurrent ongoing series. After the jump, you can check out an exclusive preview of Deadpool Corps #9, featuring art by Liefeld. While you read it, consider the fact that Deadpool, for one brief, shining moment in his career, had more comics than Superman.

Swanky new Corporate Deadpool continues his makeover of the Krook Home World, turning it into a modern resort planet. Unfortunately, the Omega Confederation hired The Deadpool Corps to put down the rebels, not diversify them, so they cook up a little surprise for the rogue merc. Meanwhile, not all of the Krook are happy with Deadpool's changes, and the Krook King starts a guerrilla war of his own, leading to a split within the Deadpool Corps itself. The key question burning in everyone's mind ... which side will Dogpool be on?