Not to sound like an old-timer, but I can recall an age when appearing on a cover (yes, even a variant) meant a character, however limited their role, would at least grace a storyline in some small capacity.

That age is dead and Deadpool killed it.

Personally, I don't mind. I drew Ed McGuinness' DP on every third homework assignment I filled out through seventh grade. Still, I take notice when Marvel's February line bears more than two dozen 'Pool covers, even if most are just variants.

All told the Merc With a Mouth graces 21 variant covers, all of which play to DP's comedic strengths by employing fan-friendly gags. In the spirit of sharing, we've assembled a gallery of every Poolarized issue along with its variant for a side-by-side comparison designed to demonstrate a world with and without Wade Wilson.

Take a look to see which one you'd rather live in this month after the jump...