Wolverine may be the best he is at what he does, but he's certainly never been much of an orator. His quiet personality and deliberate communication style have lead to what some might consider a "catchphrase" vocabulary. Addressing this matter, YouTube user GanXingba has constructed something of a commentary on Wolverine's favorite keywords.

Remixing footage from the 2009 "Hulk Vs." segment "Hulk Vs. Wolverine," the video substitutes a few snipets of Wolvie's dialogue with his most iconic catchphrases. Y'know, "Snikt" and "Bub." Hilariously enough, even Deadpool finds Logan's attempts at language frustrating. Sure, Wolverine's never actually said "Snikt" (unironically, anyway). He's let his adamantium claws do the talking for him on that front. But there's a sick satisfaction in bringing the sound effect to life verbally.

With clever voice acting and an ending that should delight Hugh Jackman fans (especially if they watched him host the Oscars in '09), "Sniktbub" is well worth a view. Give the video a spin after the jump...Bub.