The moment that Wade Wilson stepped out onto the baseball field wearing an oversized mascot suit that eerily resembled the Phillie Phanatic, weapon in hand and ready to square off against the invading Skrull Armada, all within the initial few pages of his new ongoing comic book's first issue by Daniel Way, I immediately thought to myself: "Yes. Yes, this is awesome."

The same reaction falls upon me now, thanks to the custom toy making skills of Figure Realm user "jazz04porche." Jazz has created a customized action figure version of Deadpool that replicates that very scene.

According to the toy's description, the figure was sculpted entirely fresh from "head to toe," though he believes that Deadpool's weapon was an old accessory of Bishop's.

Needless to say, this is a great rendition of the classic scene that helped to launch Deadpool into the comic book celebrity that he is today. Sure, the figure itself isn't extremely poseable and Deadpool's mask leaves a little bit to be desired, but this is clearly an instance of A for effort. Well played, jazz04porche. Well played.