Denver Brubaker may cut a few inches off of characters such as Hawkman and Boba Fett when he draws them. He more than makes up for that lost height in fun and perky poses, though. Brubaker's quirky style evokes the spirit of Chris Giarrusso and Dexter's Laboratory.Boba and lots of other commissions can be viewed on Brubaker's deviantART account. His Blue Beetle and Booster Gold should zap your spunk receptors, and he has even got his own serialized original webcomic adventure running over at

If the Incredible Hulk ever gets a guest spot in a Milk and Cheese story, Brubaker seems to be more than capable of providing the artwork. His Skeletor sulks like an inebriated geriatric druid, but it's a testament to Brubaker's range that he can also make a Green Lantern and Blue Devil that float right off their pages with an almost Hanna-Barberan aloofness.