The upcoming "Despicable Me," an animated movie starring the voice of Steve Carell that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a second-rate supervillain, will be integrating an extraordinary new cell phone app designed to used during the movie, a move that will doubtless make you hate both cell phone users and movie marketers even more than you usually do on your typical trip to the the theater.

Gru, the Carell-voiced supervillain in question, has all the required accessories for an evil genius: He has ingenious gadgets, bitter rivalries, a lot of time on his hands, and a crew of 'minions' to help him out with the grunt work. They speak an incomprehensible language. Or, at least, it will be incomprehensible to those with old-fashioned cell phones. If you want to understand what they're saying before the DVD release -- which is to say during the actual movie -- you'd best have a smart phone that can handle the app.

Anyone with a BlackBerry, an iPhone, a Windows Mobile Phone, or an Android will be able to acquire an app that lets them understand what the minions are saying. During the movie. It's called the Minionator, part of the Movie Mode app being given out by Best Buy, and during the movie, it will only translate the minions during the closing credits, so prepare to see a vast number of screens light up just as soon as the credits start playing.

When "Despicable Me" comes out on Blu-ray, the Minionator will translate the minions all the way through. So say goodbye to any slim hope you might have had of making out with someone on the couch. You're phoneward bound.

The Movie Mode app will not be limited solely to "Despicable Me," but will probably include interactive features for other upcoming movies. It will dim the screen of the phone, and set it to vibrate instead of ring. Small comfort to those who only want to see one screen during movies.