The live-action adaptation of perhaps the most metal manga of all time is making like Eddie Murphy and coming to America. Viz Media reportedly plans to release the "Detroit Metal City" movie stateside by the end of the year, ensuring even more exposure for Kiminori Wakasugi's DMC manga (which Viz currently publishes) and subsequent anime series.

I have to agree with Japanamator's slightly astonished sentiment that the live action DMC stars Kenichi Matsuyama, best known for his role as "L" in the live action "Death Note" films, as conflicted protagonist Soichi Negishi. Jumping from a spooky obsessive genius to an incredibly goofy idol wannabe/god of death metal is a true testament to the actor's diversity, which has lead to his role as Masaru Kato in the upcoming "Gantz" film as well.

Hit the jump for a video sample of what you can expect once the live action movie comes to America -- including a blip from KISS frontman Gene Simmons' cameo.

[Via Japanamator]