Bushi Tales #1 coverPress Release

David Beaty and Lin Workman announce the release of Bushi Tales, Issue #1 "The Last Titan." This is the self-published version of the popular online comic story. The gods of mythology have retuned and remade the world in their image. During this new dark age four female samurai fight to protect their world from an ancient evil. Will the Bushi of Hachiman be able to defeat this evil or will the world be changed forever? Find out in Issue #1 of Bushi Tales.

Check out the first 6 pages online at www.BushiTales.com/story.php

Printed versions of this 32 page book will now be available in Diamond's June Previews catalogue (Order number: JUN073799). Issue one has a full-color cover and black-and-white interior pages. The comic and its Soundtrack CD have been available in several comic, music, book, and even knife shops for over a year now, but has been kept mostly to the Memphis and Phoenix areas. This is the first time Diamond Comic Distributors will be carrying Bushi Tales, making the comic available to retail shops nationwide.

Issue one will hit stores across the country in August. Issue #2 is scheduled for an early fall solicitation. The comic will continue on a quarterly release schedule.

Why does this team effort stand out from other self-published comic books? It has taken almost 10 years of development to fine-tune the story and characters-and for technology to catch up to where they needed it to be. It is one of the few comics to have its own soundtrack. It also took two tries and completing two issues to be picked up by Diamond. Bushi Tales has been brought to fruition by two best friends who now live over 1400 miles apart. The creative team also includes Dave's wife Micah Stewart. Using the internet they send pages, scripts, and sketches back and forth to each other, as well as running an online store and posting their comic projects for fans and retailers to preview. The Bushi Tales crew has also been making appearances at comic book and fantasy/sci-fi conventions across the country promoting this popular online title, and meeting their fans from around the world. The trio will appear as guests again in Phoenix, AZ at the 2008 Phoenix Cactuscon, and for the first time in the northeast at the popular podcast Comic Geek Speak's 300th Episode Celebration this September in Reading, PA.