The first ever Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (better known as C2E2) is fast approaching, and as such, you can expect a bunch of announcements to start flooding in before the April start date - like this latest news from Diamond Select Toys.

Diamond will have two show exclusives at C2E2 - the "Iron Man 2" Stark Expo Minimates Two-Pack, and the "Iron Man 2" Battle Tactics Minimates Box Set. The first exclusive contains a casually dressed Tony Stark and a sultry "Natalie Romanova," who we know is really the Black Widow. And yes, I know I described a Minimate as sultry. I don't feel good about it, either.

The second exclusive pack contains Nick Fury, Tony Stark in racing gear, plus battle-damaged versions of War Machine and Iron Man. For some reason, though, the Iron Man Minimate is blurred out. It's not like we don't know what Iron Man looks like, guys.

Both packs are available only at C2E2, so if you can't go yourself, make sure to buddy up with a Chicago native for long enough to snag one of these exclusives.

[Link via Action Figure Insider]