The first trailer for "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," the film adaptation of the mega-bestselling book series by Jeff Kinney has been released. Based on the fictional diary -- sorry, journal -- of a boy named Greg trying to negotiate the booby-trapped obstacle course that is junior high school, the series began as a free webcomic, or more accurately, journal/webcomic hybrid. Even more amazingly, it is still free online, and some of the strongest proof out there that free content online can increase sales, rather than cannibalize them.

The trailer feels a little bit like Nickelodeon meets "Freaks and Geeks," and while I am in no way the target demographic for the movie, it looks pretty faithful to series and I can't help but be a little charmed by it. And, of course, reminded once more of the three-year-long horror show that is junior high and how continually glad I am to this day that it is over and I will never, ever have to experience it again.

Also: The CHEESE TOUCH will be making an appearance.

[via The Beat]