Forget motion comics! Forget Infinite Comics! Forget, even, regular comics - Okay, don't actually do that last one, but bear with me for a second. There's a new digital future of comics in town, and this time, it aims to make your comics deep.DeepComix describes itself as "a new way to think about comics on digital mobile devices" that "is a technology, first of all, but also much more. It is a new way to tell stories and a new way to experience them."

Based on the preview videos, calling it "a new way to tell stories" seems like a little bit of a stretch - it looks very much like traditional comics format storytelling with some interesting technical bells and whistles that allows the reader to explore the physical space of each panel more than they may be used to.

The site explains that "a DeepComix has an extra dimension":

It is 3D in many ways. Everything you see in a DeepComix is positioned in a 3D environment. For the first time the point of view of the reader, the real protagonist of the comics medium, is free to move and explore the panels. This solution, which is static and moving at the same time, is the key to understand this new type of comics. It is not an interactive game, although the reader is physically interacting with the story. It is not an animation though the images move, hide and appear dynamically in front of us.

Certainly, the technology seems cool enough and packs a certain amount of potential... but I do wonder just how much value the idea will have past gimmick status. It should be interesting to see more demonstrations of the technology featuring different styles of art and different approaches to storytelling.

A teaser app, showcasing the technology, is available on the Apple App Store right now.