Mickey Mouse ears with your name sewn on the back are all well and good, but Disney's latest park-exclusive souvenir may make Star Wars fans and action figure collectors' hearts sing "bleep, bleep, bloop!" Part of Star Wars Weekends, 2012, the new Droid Factory at Disney Parks will give fans a chance to assemble their own unique astromech figures from 71 different plastic pieces including custom R6, R8 and R9 domes, plus droid-sized classic Disney Park hats. The figures, which come in custom toy packaging, will be sold either in single or dual packs, with the dual packs offering the better value per figure. Constructed in the popular 3 3/4" scale, the toys should blend in nicely with Hasbro's longstanding toy line, meaning everything from the Death Star to Jabba's sail barge could look a lot more like the Happiest Place on Earth soon. You can scope out Disney's promo images of its Droid Factory figures after the cut.

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[Via Disney Parks/Boing Boing]